2010 Syracuse Football Preseason Awards

The NCAA loves preseason awards. They give out All America nods during the preseason. They make a list of Heisman hopefuls. They even pick who the best team is before the season starts with a preseason poll. Frankly, I’m not sure why we even waste our time playing the games if we’ve already given out all the awards.

So, since I, like the NCAA, have all the answers before the season even begins, I feel confident in telling you EXACTLY what’s going to happen this year. So here goes…

Offensive MVP – Delone Carter

This one’s pretty obvious. The only true playmaker on the offensive side, Carter has to be the man to carry the load literally and figuratively. As long as someone tells him the opposing team’s linebackers threw a snowball at his car, SU’s running game should be just fine.

-Runner up – Ryan Nassib

You’d hope the quarterback would be the most valuable player on a  ufabet ทีเด็ดบอลสเต็ป  team. It’s just tough to tell what Nassib is capable of if the ball is in his hands in crunch time.

Defensive MVP – Derrell Smith

Another no-brainer for MVP, Smith is the unquestioned leader on the defense. He made tremendous leaps and bounds last season, and the expectations are high for the redshirt senior.

-Runner up – Doug Hogue

Hogue mirrored Smith in taking a big leap as a converted running back to linebacker. He has the speed, but can he add the strength to be a star?

Impact Frosh – Prince-Tyson Gulley

Looks like Marquis Spruill is the only freshman who will start, but Gulley looks to make the most impact, filling in for Averin Collier as a backup to Carter and Antwon Bailey and seeing time as a returner on special teams. Plus, that name is awesome.