Football, Football, And More Football

I’ve noticed that the debate on whether we should be able to stand in terraced areas at certain football grounds has come around again. It always seems to rear its head sometime between September and Christmas, when the fans are fed up with sitting down and sick of being told to do so by the stewards.

Now let me clarify the idea that is thought to be the answer – All Premiership and Coca-Cola Championship clubs should be allowed a small amount of terraced area for the fans, that wish to do so, to stand and cheer their team on as in the good old days. You remember, scarves in the air, better chanting, better baiting and a better atmosphere.

I can certainly see many reasons why Sports Minister Gerry Sutcliffe when asked, has recently vetoed the idea saying: “I have not heard anything to make me change my mind”
He is obviously a fan of the Taylor Report which came out four months after the Hillsborough Disaster.

The report gave many recommendations which have greatly added safety to all our stadia, not just football grounds, but music venues, athletic stadiums and even music venues. So there is no denying that a lot had to change at our football grounds. I was one of the many Manchester UFABET งบน้อยก็เดิมพันได้ United Fans that made the short journey to the gates of Anfield to lay down my scarf alongside many other club’s colours. You could touch the sadness, it was tangible.

But I think times change and we have to change with them.

I for one cannot see a problem with certain clubs having a restricted amount of space to have a terraced area for the fans that wish to stand and cheer on their team. To be able to jump up when they score, to be able to stay standing up when they are singing and, by the way, have you ever seen an opera singer mesmerise you while they are sitting down? Or more aptly a rock star belting it out, while slouched on a couch? The atmosphere is non existent at times in some of the grounds.
The lessons from Hillsborough were learnt well. Major steps have been taken to ensure our safety. But we HAVE learnt, to the extent that even the fans themselves wouldn’t let the same awful tragedy occur again. The terraced areas would be for the die hard fans who would certainly appreciate it, if my experience is anything to go on.