Is a Duct Cleaners Furnace Cleaning the Same as What the Heating Companies Do?

This article is for Air Duct Cleaning businesses operating in Ontario, Canada. Ontario, Canada but may be applicable to your local area We recommend you verify with the local authorities.

The cleansing of an air Duct Cleaner could do to your furnace is to clean all of the components accessible to the furnace that air flows across. But, these components are required to be cleaned when they are in the place and under conditions that they cannot be altered or removed or altered in any manner.

Duct Cleaning firms are equipped with a variety of unique tools that give them the capability to clean the furnace’s conveyor components as they are in position.

I try to inform our customers that the work furnace cleaning service we do to their furnaces are not a substitute for the work that an authorized Heating and Air Conditioning technician (HVAC Technician) can do to their furnace in relation to conducting checks and cleaning.

The law is specific about the duties a Duct Cleaner will be permitted to do to the furnace.

Duct cleaners are strictly forbidden from working in the area of combustion in your furnace. that is, the part which contains the Burners Gas valves, Pilot light and electrical components, etc.

Anyone who is tinkering within that part of the furnace without a valid certification is in grave violation in law. The technician won’t be insured under their insurance company in the event of an incident.

We often receive feedback from customers telling our company the SO & SO Duct Cleaning Company claims that they will check and clean the furnace during their Duct Cleaning.

If you ever encounter a Duct Cleaning company ever makes an offer like this to you…I advise you to avoid them. In fact, they need to be reported to appropriate authorities.

The only exception is when it is the case that Duct Cleaning company has a licensed Heating Ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC) technician employed by them who ac coil cleaning inspection, or if they’re bringing in an independent company who is HVAC certified In this case, it would be advisable to request evidence of their credentials.