Memory Enhancing Games Online

In these days of web innovation and distributed computing, did you know that playing memory enhancing games online can improve your cognitive function?

Just look at how and why.

Correlation between memory enhancing games online and better cognitive function

Several studies have showed that brain training games have statistically important positive effects on cognitive abilities such as attention, memory and processing speed. Brain needs to be taken care in the same way as one takes care of the body. Brain health can be improved manifold by flexing muscles of mental health. Brain cells need to be challenged each passing day to perform better. If you need to keep your wit sharp and memory strong, playing memory enhancing games online is a great solution.

Advantages of memory enhancing games online

o Helps to stay sharp and focused

o Increases working memory

o Sharpens negotiating skills

o Opens up mind to additional opportunities

o Encourages taking intense decisions

o Improves concentration

o Accelerates information processing speed

o Helps to think rapidly

All these improvement in cognitive abilities is possible because of the increased production of neurotransmitters, balanced secretion of hormones and development of new neurons. Playing memory enhancing games online not only help in improving short tern and long term memory but also helps to ward off diseases and depression.

With time we will in general only work on our procedural memory. We don’t learn new things; subsequently the memory slips into a downward trajectory. We will in เว็บพนัน UFA ฝาก ไม่มี ขั้นต่ำ general forget names; we find it difficult to recollect where the important documents are kept or even fail to remember the driving routes as well. It thus becomes necessary to keep the brain cells active and stimulated.

Which memory enhancing games are popular?

Some of the popular memory enhancing games online includes Memory Matrix, Moneycomb, Memory Match overload, memory Match, Name Tag, Familiar Faces, Monster Garden and many more.

For example in the game Memory Matrix, a sequence of pattern is shown on the screen. One needs to remember the pattern so that a greater matrix can be based upon. With each passing level, the patterns get tougher and complex. One needs to tap on the right boxes to get the pattern sequence appropriate. It helps in exercising working memory and improves upon ability to recollect and remember spatial situations. The changes in our physical environment get noticed faster and we learn to prioritize better and effectively.