NFL Quarterback Coaching

With the upcoming NFL football combine and the 2009 NFL draft I thought I would talk about the quarterback position today.

I called a friend of mine former Detriot Lions and SF Forty Niners Head Coach Steve Mariucci and I asked him some of the attributes that he looks for in a Quarterback.

Here are some of his details:

Technique- Throwing the Football related to there release,  and Footwork in the pocket.

When passing, Ball Position- Do they have a fundamental drop and carry the ball, not to high and not to low? Correct position is typically at the numbers or pec muscles.

Arm Strength- Both with his feet set and also throwing on the run.

Accuracy- Again with his feet set and on the run.

Under Pressure-  The quarterbacks awareness in the pocket related แทงบอลชุด ufabet to the pass rush, does the qb stair down the receiver, does the player keeps his eyes down field, can the quarterback when need tuck the ball and run for a first down?

Mental Alertness- Does the quarterback have the ability to read pass coverage and pass defenses. Does the qb have the skill set to go through there pass read progression and find the open receiver?

Intangible- Does he have leardership skills, Poise under pressures, What is his 3rd down pass completion percentage, does he take care of the ball, no fumbles or low interception rate.

Improvisational Skills-  Does the quarterback have the ability to turn a bad or broken down play into a good or big play?

If you are looking for more quarterback coaching information please go to my quarterback training website listed below. If you have any questions.