Pocket PC Game Sexual Content Proliferating?

For reasons unknown, Pocket PC game sexual substance is beginning to crawl into our PDA downloads.

I can surely grasp the reason why. A concentrate on Handheld Computer Use in a Psychiatric Outreach Program viewed that PDA clients were logical as male doctors under 35 than to be female or more seasoned doctor.

Assuming these measurements apply to the populace overall, I’m willing to wager that there might be a legitimacy to it.

When it’s all said and done, I’m smack in the center of this age range myself. It calculates that PDA game engineers will focus on anything segment their market studies end up focusing on.

Focused on, specialty based advertising in gaming is where it’s at, my brutha. At the end of the day, chances are, you’re male.

Saying this doesn’t imply that that my whole vip168 Pocket PC game readership is made of exclusively of guys. Females appear to have a proclivity toward non-thumb harming games.

My better half loves my site, is an enthusiastic PDA gamer and is additionally a very fanatical Bejeweled 2 Pocket PC puzzle gamer.

Incidentally, Jessie, caps off to you for your 23,142 Classic mode and 1,294,750 Action mode scores. She just will not concede that she’s been following the tips that I’ve posted on my site.

Credit in the event that I can put you solidly in the PDA puzzle game coterie – iPAQ thumb from over the top button crushing can be excruciating on occasion. The joint of my thumb hurts when I push down at a point.

This was compounded by s-video based work area PC gaming which is performed with the very Logitech remote regulator that I depicted in my September nineteenth blog passage.

My lengthy, genuinely unremitting Pocket PC gaming may likewise be credited to this.

My most recent site update included an article itemizing the shiny new Ultimate Bowling Fighter discharge. Not that there’s hitting included, yet there should be for the scanty outfits a portion of those female genius bowlers wear.

Add an image in-picture screen with fun ladies holding up “Strike!” signs and low riding jeans, and you have a most one of a kind PDA sporting event download with some level of sexual substance.

Does this imply that we’re on the cusp of a sexual Pocket PC gaming insurgency? The truth will surface at some point.