Take a Limo to Football Games

Of all the bizarre names used for college football games (or in the case of any kind) the highly sought-after Battle of the Milk Can could be the most odd name to come into existence. In this annual rivalry match that is played by Boise State University (BSU) and Fresno State University the teams of warriors of the masculine era clash in a thrilling contest to decide who will be the winner of presenting the Milk Can Trophy.

People who aren’t familiar with the idea of playing football to win”the Milk Can Trophy would probably assume that the roots of the name are an old-fashioned term indigenous to the region. The surprise for people who are educating themselves on the tiniest background of the Battle of the Milk Can is the fact that this unique title was created in 2005. Maybe something as bizarre as a fight over a milk can shouldn’t come as a total surprise for two universities named after states that do not exist. When you look up the 50 states of the Union, neither states like the one of Boise or Fresno state Fresno appear.

It shouldn’t come as a surprising that farmers who milk cows have been behind the name of the Milk Can Trophy. This year’s Fresno State Bulldogs play within Fresno, California and the Boise State Broncos are located in Boise, Idaho. It happens it happens that California along with Idaho are among the top five dairy-producing states in America with numbers one and four, respectively. There is a reason why the Bronco Dairy Boosters give money to Boise State and at the same time another dairy association known as South Valley Dairy Group South Valley Dairy Group gives money to Fresno State. The two people responsible for the legendary Battle of the Milk Can game’s title were Roger Fluegel and Dan Van Grouw. They are connected to both the dairy supported booster programs that were previously mentioned.

As for some, the idea of the Milk Can Trophy game was instantly a success with football fans as well as the football teams themselves. Due to issues with the administration, the inaugural trophy wasn’t completed in time to be presented the winning team of the 2005 game (Fresno beat Fresno 27-7). Every year , the team that wins the game of the year has the honor to keep the award for one year, and also has the honour แนะนำเว็บแทงบอล of having their team’s winning trophy engraved to be preserved for posterity. After five years, they Boise State Broncos are off to a three-win advantage after winning their final four games following the loss in the opening game.