Jobs at OKVIP Group – 2024 Recruitment Information

Jobs at corporations OKVIP is recruiting many different positions with attractive incentives, as long as you meet the recruitment conditions you can apply for an interview. Don’t miss the recruitment opportunity at this corporation in 2024 by following detailed information about the positions in the following article.

The benefits that vJobs at OKVIP bring

OKVIP, a leading online entertainment service provider in Asia, is not only a source of entertainment but also a source of attractive employment opportunities in the industry. With an increasingly large scale of operations, the unit continuously recruits positions with attractive remuneration. When you become an official employee, you will enjoy super attractive policies such as:

  • Attractive salary, the group’s employees have salaries 20% higher than other units in the same position, in addition, when completing good work, there are also high bonuses.
  • Full insurance according to regulations and many support policies, ensuring employee benefits.
  • Flexible leave regime, including 4 days off per month and full other days such as sickness, maternity, holidays…
  • Support skill development and in-depth professional training through completely free courses, workshops, and seminars for employees.
  • Free residence support along with food allowance for Vietnamese employees if they register to work in Cambodia.

Benefits that OKVIP group employees can receive

What positions are available at OKVIP?

In order to expand operations and improve working efficiency, the group is looking for many candidates for many at OKVIP different. From there, creating attractive job opportunities with desirable income levels for many workers. Below are some positions that you can refer to and apply to become an employee of the corporation as soon as possible.

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Jobs at OKVIP recruiting SEO positions

These are employees responsible for tasks related to managing the corporation’s website operations and other projects. Currently, the group is expanding its team and recruiting for SEO positions, both online and offline, with work locations in Moc Bai, Cambodia. The salary for online jobs is from 15 million/month, while offline jobs have a salary of 50 million/month.

The SEO position requires candidates to have extensive knowledge of CSS, WordPress, and HTML. Additionally, have at least 6 months of work experience and have success in website optimization or SEO keywords.

Online Sales location

This is a flexible job, allowing work from home and is not limited to men and women between the ages of 20-33. Although this position does not require candidates to have a lot of experience, they do need to have excellent communication skills and the ability to persuade. In addition, it is also necessary to have solid knowledge of online advertising methods. For those who work effectively, the salary can be up to 30 million VND per month.

Jobs at OKVIP with the position of Online Sales have attractive income

Jobs at OKVIP recruiting content positions

If you are passionate about writing and have experience in creating content and writing SEO articles, this is a great opportunity to earn attractive income. For the Content position in the company, the task of this position is to create quality articles for the website based on keywords suggested by the SEO team. Currently, this position is recruiting in two forms of online and offline work, with salaries ranging from 15 million/month and 35 million/month, respectively.

Recruitment for IT positions

Jobs at OKVIPin the field of Information Technology requires ensuring the stability of servers and at the same time supporting system construction and development. To apply for this position, candidates need to have experience in programming and developing websites and applications.

In addition, employees in this position need to be proficient in programming languages ​​and technologies such as CSS, PHP, API, MVC, and other requirements. When meeting the above criteria, the salary that the candidate can receive is expected to be in the range of 25 – 30 million/month.

Job information at OKVIP for HR positions

Candidates need to be able to conduct recruitment, training, and conduct assessments after each hiring series. Besides, you need to have human resource management skills and the ability to support in building the corporation’s corporate culture. When you meet these requirements, you will have the opportunity to work and receive attractive salaries and bonuses of up to 40 million/month.

INJobs at OKVIP for HR positions are recruiting a lot

The above article has provided recruitment informationjobs at OKVIP2024 with positions and remuneration. If you are interested in the jobs posted above and meet the recruitment conditions, then don’t hesitate to submit your CV today to get an interview appointment as soon as possible.